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  • Visual Art Programme for Schools November 2008

    Created 2008-11-12 by Orla Henihan

    Location: Rural - Co. Mayo

    Duration: 2008-11-12 to 2008-12-01

Project Outline

The Linenhall Arts Centres Visual Art Programme for Schools is designed specifically for primary schools, and is offered to 28 schools in the Linenhalls locality. These tour and workshop events are specifically designed to focus on selected aspects of the exhibiting artists work. They include a gallery talk introducing the work of the exhibiting artist during which children are encouraged to engage in discussion about the work. Following the gallery talk the children are brought to the Linenhalls community arts room where they create their own pieces exploring in a practical way the particular aspects of the artists work which are being examined. Support materials are provided for teachers should they wish to follow up on the workshop in the classroom setting.

In November 2008 the programme focused on the exhibition Intimate Ground by Dublin based artist Stephen Rinn. Aims and objectives as follows:


1. To introduce children to the work of Irish artist, Steven Rinn, via a gallery tour and open discussion

2. To engage children in critical reflection on visual art and in particular the work of Steven Rinn

3. To encourage children to think about a space. A space that is imaginary or real. It can be an interior or exterior space, a closed or contained space, e.g. a room, a memory, or open, e.g. a landscape or a memory.

4. To engage children in a collage based workshop to create and interpret a space in 3d. This creation will not be a literal representation of the space but an abstract one.


1. To provide children with information about the artist: his background, biography etc.

2. To engage children in discussion about the;
- materials the artist uses; oil on canvas, acrylic on paper
- different palettes in his work; dark, vibrant, blue...
- techniques he incorporates; fluid brush movement, broad brush strokes
- the artists use of his memory of spaces in the creation of his works
- use of similar composition across the works
- abstract interpretations of landscapes
- light vs. shadow
- large vs. small scale

3. To encourage children to;
- think about a space they want to create. Is it an imagined or real space?
- think about the various elements in this space and how they relate to each other
- recreate/create an abstract interpretation of this space onto six (6) pre-cut card-board squares. Each child will choose the size of the square from small, medium and large and then take six of them.
- use the materials provided (pencils, colouring pencils, text, images, twine, etc.) and use techniques such as mark-making etc. to create this space
- to decide if their space is going to be open or closed. If a child decides their space is going to be closed they will use the glue or clear tape provided to put the six pieces of card together to form a cube. The creation will be on the inside. A small hole can be placed in one or all of the square cards to allow a glimpse of the space. If a child decides on an open space then maybe one of the squares will not be sealed completely which will allow a little door-way to be opened to view the space and or the six cards can be placed with the creation on the outside.

Project Details

  • Location: Rural
  • From date: 2008-11-12
  • To date: 2008-12-01
  • Length: 4 weeks
  • Participants per session: 318
  • Participants in total: 20-30
  • Contact hours: 19.5
  • Age range of participants:
    5-7, 8-11
  • County(ies):
  • Related Organisation(s):
    Linenhall Arts Centre
  • Funding Bodies:
  • Other Related Artists:
    Catherine Cronogue, Denise Clarke, Marianne Heemskerk, Marianne Heemskerk

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