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  • Louise Costelloe
  • Practice South Dublin Regional Group

    Created 2011-01-22 by Louise Costelloe

    Location: Sub-urban - Co. Dublin

    Duration: 2011-01-22 to 2011-02-19

Project Outline

First Meeting of Regional Group South Dublin County

Present: Jane Fogarty (Visual Artist), Annette Woolley (Visual Artist), Eva Kelly (Visual Artist), Louise Costelloe (Choreographer) and guests Tori Durrer (Youth Arts Co-ordinator, South Dublin County Council) and Orla Kenny (


Having gathered for our first meeting we spoke briefly about the purpose of the group which was defined as a support network for artists, specifically within the context of youth arts and education, and a place for arts practitioners to discuss work in detail supported by each other and


Following this we each took some time to individually outline our practice and discuss how we worked by ourselves and collaboratively with young people.


It became evident that while members of the group were at different stages in their practice, there were areas of common concern or interest for all of us. Most of us felt that there was a dialogue between our solo work and the classes and projects we undertake with young people.


The lead-in or approach to a project or programme of work is an important time where we introduce processes and skills and make space to listen to participants and find areas of common interest. Everybody felt it was important to draw local talent and expertise into our projects and to be flexible in our approach to the work.


We identified a number of queries/or lines of enquiry we wanted to pursue at our next meeting including examining solo practice v. collaborative practice, looking at the parameters funding places on projects and sharing context and language with participants that promotes a common understanding of the artistic process. We also wanted to look at how we might define excellence in the work that we do.


Project Details

  • Location: Sub-urban
  • From date: 2011-01-22
  • To date: 2011-02-19
  • Length: Ongoing, meeting once a month
  • Participants in total: 5
  • County(ies):
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    Jane Fogarty, Annette Woolley, Eva Kelly, Eva Kelly, Eva Kelly, Eva Kelly, Eva Kelly

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