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  • National Youth Theatre 2009/ 2010

    Created 2009-01-01 by Team

    Duration: 2009-01-01 to 2010-12-01

Project Outline

Slideshow of images from Youth Theatre productions - 2009/2010

Guest Editor (Feb/Mar), Rhona Dunnett, gives a background and overview of the National Youth Theatre in Ireland, with images, a description of how the whole thing works, and some reports from the young people involved in 2009-2010.

What is the National Youth Theatre?

A National Youth Theatre (NYT) is a large-scale production created with a cast of young people from youth theatres across Ireland.


Youth theatre members attend workshop auditions at Easter in a number of venues around the country, with final callback auditions taking place in Dublin. The final cast live, work, eat and play together for five weeks in the summer. There is a four-week rehearsal period and a performance week where the final production is staged in a major theatre venue.


The National Youth Theatre is a tribute to the young people involved, their commitment, their enthusiasm but ultimately their creativity and imagination. An NYT production is facilitated by a team of professional theatre practitioners and their role is to create a piece of theatre that comes from the young people, is inspired by the young people and is ultimately created by the young people. The ensemble cast is traditionally involved in creating not only the characters and the movement but the musical elements of the production as well. Much of the rehearsals are improvisation based and the cast plays an active role in the form and presentation of the final production.


It is free for all youth theatre members to take part in the National Youth Theatre. NAYD covers all costs related to the rehearsals and production, as well as all costs related to accommodation and food during the project.


The National Youth Theatre is an opportunity to showcase the best of youth theatre and the unique contribution that young people make to theatre in Ireland.


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