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  • Anna Rosenfelder
  • Corousel of seasons- parent toddler workshops

    Created 2012-10-06 by Anna Rosenfelder

    Location: Tuebingen /South Germany -

    Duration: 2012-10-06 to 2013-06-29

Project Outline

The "Corousel of seasons " ("Jahreszeitenkarussel") is a series of originally devised parent-toddler workshops which are devised and facilitated by the artist as part of a local family education centres annual program. Families can book into one individual workshop but may also return  for subsequent ones.

Each workshop corresponds with the season. Featuring natural materials, found objects and puppets,  elements of theatre and  storytelling take turns with collective activities which enhance the atmosphere or story told and individual moments of engaging children in sensorial explorations or dialogue (not necessarily verbal). In a second part of the workshop children then are invited to make, invent and create figures or spaces, using a carfeully presented collection of papers, paints and natural materials.

Wheather permitting, a little excursion into the family education centres garden is also part of the experience. 

Project Details

  • Location: Tuebingen /South Germany
  • From date: 2012-10-06
  • To date: 2013-06-29
  • Length: 4 workshops over one year
  • Participants per session: 20 max (includes children and parents)
  • Participants in total: 80 max
  • Contact hours: 8
  • Age range of participants:
    Infants and parents 0-3, 3-5
  • Related Organisation(s):
    Family education centre Tuebingen (

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