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  • Dee Gavigan
  • What`s Bugging Yea?

    Created 2012-07-16 by Dee Gavigan

    Location: The Base, Ballyfermot,Dublin 10 -

    Duration: 2012-07-16 to 2012-07-20

Project Outline

‘Digital bugs has mutated and stepped out of computers from
virtual into reality and are now inhabiting the Ballyfermot area. The project explored and
identify  new generations of bugs, by utilising different mediums i.e paper, 2D, 3D, printmaking,
and introducing alternative medium ie. wire, circuit boards, pegs, tights, light bulbs, household
appliances, dissecting and exploring new possibilities to foster creativity and imagination while supporting and nurturing a transformative process.

Project Details

  • Location: The Base, Ballyfermot,Dublin 10
  • From date: 2012-07-16
  • To date: 2012-07-20
  • Length: 1 week
  • Participants per session: 18+
  • Contact hours: 10
  • Age range of participants:
  • Other Related Artists:
    Violet Dempsey - RippleArt Works

Project Posts

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