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  • Stephanie Jaax
  • moi et l’autre, the ego and the other

    Created 2011-05-18 by Stephanie Jaax

    Duration: 2011-05-18 to 2011-07-04

Project Outline

exhibition of childrens’ paintings in the gallery "dépendance" in Brussels, Belgium. These children were taking part in my ’kidsact’ project that I founded in Brussels in 2001.

These selected paintings clearly show the child’s relation to the other, his imaginary counterpart. The latter could be his sibling, his rival in class, his friend, his parent or even his own mirror image. A child in a group is serching for this similar counterpart, for example two as ’hyperactive’ diagnosed boys are drawn to each other, they need to compete in some manner. This choice is based on an imaginary resemblance or similarity with the other.

Project Details

  • From date: 2011-05-18
  • To date: 2011-07-04
  • Other Related Artists:
    Julia Bielek

Project Posts

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