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Gathering Research and Statistics


Here is the list of all the reading materials submitted by KO, CBI and NYCI.

Champions of Change (KO)
Points of Alignment (KO)
Artists school guidelines
National children`s strategy
Child Literacy and Social Cohesion 2010, NESF (CBI)
The Arts Cultural Inclusion and Social Cohesion 2007, NESF. (KO)
Is the Government keeping its promises to children, report card 2010 Childrens Rights Alliance.
Barnardos Report in 2009 on Investing in Education: Combating Educational Disadvantage (CBI)

2005 Report Artformations collaborative project between The Abbey and IMMA:(CBI

CBI 2008 report Turning the Page:(CBI)

More Than a Room For Reading 2007: A follow-up study of the JCSP Demonstration Library Project:(CBI)

Quality Standards in Youth Work OMCYA:


Key Competencies for Lifelong Learning EU


Promoting a Creative Generation Final Conference Report EU:


Access of Young People to Culture - EU Report



Agenda for Children`s Services Promoting Good Outcomes for Children and Young People.


NYCI Youth Arts Position Paper 2010


Young People, Creative Action and Social Change


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