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I am deeply inspired by the ability to playfully explore complex ideas. Some children find their way instinctively to the places they need to go. This image from an animation workshop captures a combative moment, both humerous and touching. The best I can do is open my bag of tricks and offer it to the young creative mind to make their own.

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  • I am working on a film with a youth group at the moment. There is a lot going on and plenty of potential and good things happening.
    I am a bit stuck in the blogosphere here because, by commenting about our activities on a professional website like Practice.ie I feel that my position would cross a boundary, from one of collaborator to one of scrutineer, and my reporting would transpose the position "The Bois" from being in charge of the microscope, to being under it.
    There is a fragile connection between artist/facilitator and participant/creator and while working with the group I find that I must place myself within the creative boundary and not outside of it.
    I wonder if issues of reportage (including methods of evaluation and other kinds of documentation) is a common concern for artists working with groups of young adults?

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