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Door eight / advent calendar


This is an image from one of my very first arts and nature workshops, about 8 years ago. This was with children five to seven and their guardien, as part of a child-parent "academy", an event full of workshops, fun and exchange.

If you read the text in door four, you know I like making magical eggs with children- anything can come out of it, then:  butterflies, dinosaurs, gnomes, creatures. This is an "egg-shelter" a child did, she picked the place she´d like her creature to hatch .

The approach I first tried out on this occasion was hugely inspired by a workshop I just had done some time before with Swiss puppeteer Margrit Gysin. I will write more about her some other calendar door-!

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  • This reminds me of Wet Paint Arts and IMMA’s Community and Education (as it was known then)’s Pothole Project in ’The Field’ a venue of mythical proportions, where children from various Dublin City Council playcentres met and played as ’tribes’ in The Tribal project. In the field the children were given a hole, trowels and sticks, the mud and grass that come out of it and a selection of natural materials (various gravels, sand, etc) they created worlds and sculptures and tunnelled from one to the other and were so happy. Before the workshop they had visited exhibits by artists in the museum who also used natural materials - I remember in particular waves of white rice but regret I cannot remember the artist

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