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Cavan wk 2


wk 2 Spring Painting

We followed the rhythm of the session as we had found it the previous week. We talked to parents and played with the kids as they all arrived. It seemed important particularly for the parents to have this time for talking whilst drinking tea to catch up on the weeks news. There is a good energy in the group and the parents and kids move around the space and interact socially. When we felt the group begin to settle after teas and chats we asked the children to come and listen to a story. There is less space in the center of the room than in Derrylin and parents remained on seats as the kids came down to sit on the floor. Here also though there was a captive audience for the whole story. We used some props and Jess played music for parts of the story. 

We then set up low tables using seat bases and big tables with the legs folded. These were a perfect size for the kids. We covered the entire surfaces with a roll of paper. The kids helped with setting this up. All the children and parents found a space to sit around the paper and we all wet it with damp sponges. We gave out brushes with blue and yellow paint...( spring colours). Everyone seemed to enjoy this activity. Some kids got really into the feel of the paint others were more reserved but all seemed happy and absorbed in the activity. 

We encouraged the adults to get involved too but on the whole they held back.

The children and adults all helped clear up at the end of the session. The children enjoyed sharing a big tub of warm water for washing themselves then washing the brushes and plates and stacking them all away. 

We stayed after the session and created our own work using paint and charcoal. We also visited the walled garden near the space and noted the snow drops coming to an end and the daffodils getting ready to open.

We talked about creating a floor mat inspired by their work. This could be a textural floor mat with spring or all the seasons as it’s theme. We discussed ideas for involving the parents more in the activities. How sewing could be a way for them to explore their own creativity alongside different activities for the kids. It could work well to allow for time in the sessions for activities for kids and parents to do together but also activities that are more for the parents and some that are more for the kids.


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