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Each month we feature an in-depth exploration into a current project in order to share learning and provide insight into approaches to practice.

December 2012: Anna Rosenfelder


Katharina Ostarhild works at the forest kindergarden "The squirrels", in Tuebingen , Germany.

About Katharina:
-She is mother of two sons (15 and 16)
-Since 1996 nursery teacher in the "Waldkimdergarten Eichhörnchen", before that she worked as a nursery teacher in several town-managed "KiTas" (childcare centres).
-Focus of her work are in theatre, role play, science and music making with the children
-She is a musician and irish folk fan
-She plays guitar with Tanglefoot , coindra and some other friends

About the Forest Kindergarten.. Concept & Benefits
About the role of the teachers & choosing activities
About making things and using tools
On the possible dangers of being outdoors!
About other forms of play
Science and art projects at the Forest Kindergarten
About the difference to working indoors
About the transition from Kindergarten to school
Documentation and Observation vs Privacy
Starting out with the Kindergarten and about what the children are doing now

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