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  • Lucy Hill
  • ’Selfies and Snails’ Early Years photography project

    Created 2016 by Lucy Hill

    Duration: 2016 to

Project Outline

An Early Years photography project at Woodland Park Preschool, developed out of childrens interests in digital technology and photographic looking and composition. The children were given digital cameras during outside’freeplay’ time to share over a number of months and developed a particular interest in taking images of ’selfies’ and documenting the movements of several snails in their playground which generated this project about capturing (composing?) and movements (speedy and slow) of bodies (childrens and snails)

Project Details

  • From date: 2016
  • Participants per session: 44
  • Participants in total: 44
  • Contact hours: 27
  • Age range of participants:
  • County(ies):
  • Related Organisation(s):
    Woodland Park Preschool

Project Posts