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  • Emma Fisher
  • Puppets for the HSE

    Created 2009-07-15 by Emma Fisher

    Location: Sub-urban - Co. Limerick

    Duration: 2009-07-15 to 2009-09-02

Project Outline

I am doing 5 day/10 half days work shops spread over the summer with in the limerick hospital for the HSE. I have been working there as part of Helium for the puppet portal and have got to know both staff and patients, so have been hired by the HSE to do these independent work shops.

When possible we are going to use materials related to or used in the hospital to create puppets. The children will make a puppet of there choosing, i will show them how it works as we are building it. Once they are finished and we have time we will play with the puppets and let the children take it where ever they want.

Inspired by Anna on the puppet portal we will be making a book filled with the childrens photographs, drawings, ideas and opinions which will be left in the playroom for anyone to contribute in over the week.

Project Details

  • Location: Sub-urban
  • From date: 2009-07-15
  • To date: 2009-09-02
  • Length: 5 full days spread out in half and full days through out the next two months
  • Participants per session: 60
  • Participants in total: 1 to 8
  • Contact hours: 40
  • Age range of participants:
    Infants and parents 0-3, 3-5, 5-7, 8-11, 12-14
  • County(ies):
  • Related Organisation(s):
    HSE, HSE
  • Funding Bodies:
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    Emma Fisher , Emma Fisher , Emma Fisher
  • Other Related Artists:
    Emma Fisher

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