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Feb 2009

Im thinking the two journals, and the project journal "Further Afield" at might serve two different purposes. I am still defining exactly what those differences might be and how that will affect the way I use them. But meantime... Further Afield, Project Day 1, "real" visit; We arrived at the Marratech whiteboard image above through our initial conversation about growth. The pupils worked in pairs to take images, using the web cam, of one item they had brought in for break. These instantly come up on screen and can be placed as wanted. This lead on to lengthy discussion, as to which of these items had been growing been at one stage - either as a whole or in part. Whilst this was ongoing, others worked in pairs to draw round each other using drawing pencil on a large sheet of brown paper, masking taped to the store door. Eventually 30 body outlines intertwined. It was of course fundamental to date the drawing, with the view that they might take on another at the end of June.


Sept 2009

It`s taken me all this time to try to determine how I might use the  site and how this would differ to the project journal site. Being no closer to any conclusion I now hope that in simply getting on with the blogging it will become apparent in itself.


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