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                 A new collaborative journey begins now between P5 (31 pupils in total), Miss Orr, their class teacher and myself. P5 and I are meeting for the first time but Miss Orr and I worked together for a similar 6 week stint on the pilot project.


I was simply delighted when Miss Orr accepted the invite to participate in this follow up project . ( I am always conscious that these projects require a lot of commitment and extra work for the teacher involved). We had achieved so much through our previous venture together and managed to have such a good time doing so.


However, I found myself anxious having unconsciously imposed private expectations regarding the current collaboration ; and there lay my error. Miss Orr assisted in refocusing my sights byreminding me that the children will of course participate differently and so too will we.


And so, back to the fundamentals of attempting to embark upon collaboration without such self imposed distractions !

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