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time, growth and potatoes


           In my studio I had an ash sapling two years old, growing in water. This exposed every part of the tree to view. I put an image up of the sapling scanned during the summer when it was in leaf.

As we had the use of the projector and interactive whiteboard for this session the tree could be viewed large scale and detail easily seen.

We identified the different parts and I asked the pupils ( P2, age 5yrs) to work individually to do pencil and paper line drawings. I gave them instructions for each drawing requiring them to look at the tree and its parts in different ways.  read more )

While this was going on, P2 were also were asked to go up to the classroom whiteboard in pairs and draw using the whiteboard marker over the top of the projected image of the tree.This was really exciting for me sitting in the studio in Rathlin as I see the lines on my screen as they are being drawn by the pupils in the classroom in Ballydown in real time.

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