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Day 11 - Text - First day back after the break

Today was the first day back after the Summer a part from a couple of visits to the staff room in July/August to set-up a new staff activity.


It was nice to hear from staff how they had missed the project, and to find a similar comment written in the staff comment box.  I think that a gap like this in a project (although not originally planned) has it`s benefits: time for the artists and project partners to reflect and take stock and re-evaluate.  It also gives the locations the experience of having the service withdrawn, and I do believe that people `don`t know what they got til it`s gone.`  Now the project has returned, the hospital staff may further value and appreciate it.


Following on from the last block, the hospital play specialist and I plan on using the projector every week to project the Aiteile web portal and the video link live onto the playroom window.  From here, it can be seen by passers-by in the hall outside. Please see day 9 in the blog for a photo of this.  However, today the projector wasn`t working and so we had to work without it.  I would like to devise a creative evaluation technique around the projection to collect comments and feedback during the day.

Please see following images for more info

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