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  • Infant Imaginings

    Created 2008-09-01 by Helene Hugel

    Location: Sub-urban - Co. Dublin

    Duration: 2008-09-01 to 2008-11-19

Project Outline

‘Infant Imaginings’ Exploring creativity & wellbeing with parents & babies ‘Infant Imaginings’ is exploring the use of puppetry, play, music, movement, and sensory environments to create a performing arts piece for babies and parents in healthcare settings. It aims to encourage curiosity, stimulation, relaxation, and communication and hopes to provide a creative environment for babies and parents to experience wellbeing. Parents and babies are invited to take-part in the artistic process with the artists.

Project Details

  • Location: Sub-urban
  • From date: 2008-09-01
  • To date: 2008-11-19
  • Length: 2 days a week over 4 months (This project started in August)
  • Participants per session: 76
  • Participants in total: 2-10
  • Contact hours: aprox 6
  • Age range of participants:
    Infants and parents 0-3
  • County(ies):
  • Related Organisation(s):
    Tallaght Community Arts, A Health Centre , Community Mothers Programme, Community Mothers Programme, A Children`s Hospital
  • Funding Bodies:
    The Arts Council, The Arts Council
  • Related Artists:
    Helene Hugel , Helene Hugel , Helene Hugel
  • Other Related Artists:
    Jonathan Wilson, Musician, Jonathan Wilson, Musician, Jonathan Wilson, Musician

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