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  • Puppet Portal Project - Creative Outcomes and Learning from Phase 1

    Created 2010-10-06 by Helene Hugel

    Duration: 2010-10-06 to 2010-12-29

Project Outline

As the Puppet Portal Project Phase 2 gets under-way, we are working to collectively build on our learning and discoveries from the first phase.  These were highlighted in an independent evaluation by SpiralOrchard, to be published by Helium before the end of the year.  The evaluation demonstrated that the project had both social impact and creative outcomes.  We will be sharing some of the creative outcomes over the next few months, grouped into themes such as: Creative Evaluation Techniques, Collaborative Methods via Video Link, Stages and screens for use in framing a performance via video link, etc.   Eventually, these will contribute to a Handbook to support Participatory arts practice including the use of technology with children in hospital which we hope to publish as an ongoing/growing document next year.


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