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Day 13 - Image and Text



Today was a half-day today.


The theme for the link was Market, for which the wallpaper was designed by Emma.  


I continued with the use of hospital materials, and exploring their properties.  We made puppets from bandage, applying the principal of sock puppet making to the sock bandage.  I offered two possibilities of design, and let the children choose.


Materials presented were mainly fabrics, mesh, netting, and wool.  We applied the materials using darning needles, and wove bits into the bandage material.  Both boys and girls enjoyed the sewing element.  I tried to encourage loose stitches to echo the loose weave of the bandage, and also to quicken the process.  As we have learned, it is important to structure activities to be completed in a short period of time, in the case that children are called away by the medical staff, or are discharged home.  


I was delighted to see how the Mums became so involved with the sewing activity.  I had the most parental involvement today, I think, with up to 4 Mums around the table working with their children, with being the important word.  The team work was lovely.


Photo by Karen Tierney.



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