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Day 14 - Text - The Watery World

Today we worked with the common theme of animal habitats.


The image we had to work with was one picture with a variety of habitats, which could surround a river.

We linked with Hospital C at the very beginning of the day to brainstorm ideas and plan.  This worked very well, and Hospital C asked us research questions like, `Did we know anything about Lions`.  My group had a variety of descriptive and informative words, which we shared with Hospital C.  We then left the video link camera on during the puppet making, and I brought the camera in on details every now and then, to share with Hospital C.  The children also chose to show Hospital C their work, bringing it up to the camera at pertinent intervals in their process.


I presented the group with the idea to use the water habitat, as I felt that this offered possibilities of working with particular materials.  It also meant that we were building on the watery theme from last week, and we could use some of the puppets and props made last week, providing some continuity.  I also thought that water is very relevant to the surrounding area where the hospital is located.  


I had a nice group of 3-4 children, who had time to follow the whole process through of making, performing, and video-ing.  However, I was restricted in my documentation, as the parents did not wish for individual artwork to be put on the web, or at least this is what I interpreted from the choices they made on the consent forms.  I decided to not take many photos, as a safegard.


I rally enjoyed the link, and was very happy with how the water image we created (from collage on acetate, in 2 layers, hung in the puppet box (a boot box) from the week before) fit into the link picture as a whole.  I am trying to work on filling the video link window completely, so it works with the background.  The puppets were also made from acetate.


We projected the link onto the window, for passerby`s to see in the hallway. I have created a white curtain, which has replaced the paper, and looks much better to project onto.


In the afternoon, I worked with a young girl of about 4 years who had been asking since the morning, could we perform for the nurses.  


We had a very quick rehearsal, and then brought our watery scene in its puppet theatre box into the hallway, down the ward, and set ourselves up outside a room, in which there was a boy in isolation.


I didn;t want to impose on the nurse`s directly, and felt that this boy would enjoy the participation, as he was restricted from joining us due to infection.  A small group of staff stood and watched, as she got stage fright, froze, and then encouraged by Mum, showed her short watery scene.


It was lovely to take the work into the ward. I must try to do this when ever possible.




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