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Day 15 - Monsters of the Deep



As we were performing during the link-up, a boy (who was previously uninterested in taking part) jumped up and spontaneously created a performance, using whatever puppets and back grounds were at hand.  I was delighted to see his sudden enthusiasm.  After this, he was very keen to take part, made his own puppets, videos, and live performances.


3-4 staff members joined parents in the play room to act as an audience for the afternoon shows.  It was great to see so many staff participate in this way.  However, the play specialist and I had a very good chat about methods to include more nursing staff, in the coming weeks.  We also discussed possibilities for a showcase to mark the end of the project.  This is likely to take place in the foyer of the hospital, over about a week, and will also use the television to display a series of images from the children`s work.


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