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Day 16 - Land of Air


During our live link up, one of the children in my hospital chose to travel through the land of air, to the land of earth, to look for a tooth. (Her puppet was a tooth fairy.) I communicated this to the other artist on the otherside of the link, and she quickly made a tooth, for the fairy to find.  We were then encouraged by the children working with the land of the Earth to look for the tooth, and guess where it might be hidden.  This worked so well, as it meant that my children had to take the time and look at the other children`s set and name what they saw.  I will plan to use this idea again in the next few weeks.  It means that it might be useful to connect a little earlier to let the other artist know what the mystery object is, so their children have time to plan -  how to make it and respond.


In the afternoon, we continued where we left off in the morning, using the overhead projector to develop the fairy`s story.  Dad took part and animated the set, as we video-ed. We played with both the space on the overhead projector as `playing space`, and also the space on the wall as `playing space`.  This meant that the projected image became a backdrop for the 2D fairy puppet.  Dad moved a rolling backdrop over the overhead projector plate.


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