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Performance of Work in Progress

Last week, Nov18 &19, we had our showcase of the work in progress. On Nov 18th, this was performed in Tallaght Community Arts for the parents in the Community Mother`s Programme. This gave the parents and very young children the opportunity to engage with the project outside of their home and in an arts environment. We did a group performance for the older children, 1-2 years, and also invited a peer member and her baby. During the showing of the work-in-progress, we felt it was important to show the work to another artist who also works with children, and who was completely new to the work. It was very interesting to see the different response from this child compared to the children with whom we had been continuously working. At the end of the group performance, the parents finished the baby books they had been making: added a last page, and bound the book. This was the first time the parents met as a group, and offered the opportunity to share what they had made.

We also performed several one on one performances for the 3 month - 12 month year olds, again inviting others who were completely new to the experience, to measure the response.

On Wednesday, the 19th, we tried the work-in-progress in the waiting area of the health centre.

I will add photos and some video of the final showcase shortly.

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