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Wrapping-up: Reporting, Documenting, Evaluating

Although the Infant Imaginings Project sessions ended in mid November, I am still in the process of tying loose ends, evaluating, and collecting documentation. It`s amazing how much longer this can extend a project`s time frame. I have included in a following blog entry some snippets taken from my report to the Arts Council (as this project was funded by a bursary grant). Also, here in the blog are the completed books made by the parents as responses to the sessions. I have been keeping comment books for parents to write-in, in the health centre, in physiotherapy, and in the Community Mothers Programme. I am in the process of compiling these. Some of the comments can be found in a following blog entry. I am also printing and giving copies of photos taken by the photographer to the families. The photographer(and one of the mothers involved with the project) commented on her role as photographer at the Forum held in Tallaght Community Arts. She expressed how through her photography she is able to capture those precious moments of excitement and joy between parent and baby. These moments can be so quick to pass for a very young child. The photos act as a reminder for the parents of the value in making time to share creative experiences and communication with their very young children. I am also editing some video of the work-in-progress which I hope to post up soon, along with other video of the project`s process.

A report from the Infant Imaginings Forum can be found on www.tallaght-arts.ie. We are still working on putting up the podcasts from the event.

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