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Snippets from a report: The next stage

What plans (if any) do you have to further your proposal/project?

I now have a work in progress, which can later be further developed into a final production in Summer 2009. I will be working in partnership with Tallaght Community Arts, and the local department of public health nursing to carryout the production phase for a local Health Centre. I also plan to role the final production out to other health centres, in collaboration with other performers. I will be focussing on establishing a long-term residency of the performance in a health centre in Sligo town, and a health centre in a rural area of Sligo. I have met with future director, Kareen Pennefather from Monkeyshine Theatre, and a set designer who are both interested in collaborating on the production phase of the project, Summer 2009.

I have also established a working relationship with Professor Anthony Cassidy, lecturing Health Psychologist in the school of Psychology in The University of Ulster, Derry, who attended the Infant Imaginings Forum. He is very interested in appointing PHD students to undertake evidence-based research on this work. The first research will hopefully take place during the production phase and after the production is resident in the health centre.

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