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Has your work (or way of working) changed in any way since receiving this award? If so, can you describe how?

In collaboration with JonathanWilson, we created a performance that is highly intimate and nurtures the bond between parent and baby; a performance, which includes the parent as a highly engaged participant. This performance takes the shape of a theatre for one experience. Therefore, this project has developed my performance style in a way that includes the parent more.

How did the award enhance your artistic or professional development (for example in terms of specific experiences or projects, opportunities for enhancing skills, collaborations with others etc.)?

This award has greatly enhanced my professional development. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to work with such a specific age group, babies and their parents. I have experienced a vast amount of further learning, skill enhancement, and discovered new and innovative ways of using performance to reach a group who have little access to artistic experiences.

I have also formed a very good working relationship with musician Jonathan Wilson, who will be integral to the next phase (production phase) of the project.

I have also gained experience working in collaboration with physiotherapists in hospital. I have for the first time, been involved in bringing artistic experiences to families in their homes through the Community Mothers Programme. This was a great privilege and extremely worth while, and demonstrates one model for working within the public health nursing system. I also gained experience in working in the waiting area of a health centre during child development clinics. All three health care locations presented a new situation in which to interact with my audience and therefore generated new, innovative means to engage.

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