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Between Day 6 and Day 7 - Text - A visit to IMMA and Ilya Kabakov


This week I made a trip to see Calder`s jewelry exhibition in IMMA.  I also visited an exhibition from IMMA`s collection,  in which a part of Ilya Kabakov`s installation of The Children`s Hospital was exhibited.  This exhibition, which was first commissioned by IMMA in 1998, was a huge inspiration for me and my arts and health work, although at the time, I did not realise its influence.  Ilya Kabakov is originally from Russia but now working in New York City.  His work used to explore notions of the individual within an authoritarian state, and now explores the emotional and psychological well being of the individual in unfriendly environments.


I found the write-up in the catalogue very relevant to our artistic work in the hospitals: "The key to health is the imagination."  And also the use of the little box theatre at the bedside.


Please see the two photos, one of the installation and the other a short description of the artist`s work.


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