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Day 8 - Photo - Next staff activity


This is the idea collection point for the next activity in the staff room. I had a very interesting conversation with some of the staff in the room, who began to value the collage more when they saw it in a frame. Also, one of them told me that there should be more activities like this for the children at least half a day every day. Another said, there should be more interaction between staff and the children. Yes! I hope that once the ideas for the next activity are collected, I can bring them together in such a way that it will act as a bridge between the adults on the ward and the children, this time.

I have here, a photo of their collage in a glass frame, a suggestion sheet for the next activity with examples to spark off ideas, a comment box, and copies of the collage framed in a self-laminating postcard for each of the staff to take with them.

The next activity will run through the Summer and be maintained by the Hospital Play Specialist.

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