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    Created 2011-06-11 by Team

    Location: CAKE Contemporary Arts, Kildare - Co. Kildare

    Duration: 2011-06-11 to 2011-06-11

Project Outline

In partnership with Kildare Arts Office, ran a National Day for Artists working with children and young people. The day comprised four presentations representing a range of areas of practice, from practical planning and facilitation; to developing listening skills; documentation; and social integration.

Project Details

  • Location: CAKE Contemporary Arts, Kildare
  • From date: 2011-06-11
  • To date: 2011-06-11
  • Length: 1 day
  • County(ies):
  • Related Organisation(s):
    CAKE Contemporary Arts, Kildare Arts Office
  • Funding Bodies:
    Kildare Arts Office
  • Other Related Artists:
    Christina MacRae, Mary Branley, Cathy O’Kennedy

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