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Last Day!!!

We finished the hangings off. I am going to hm them. Geraldine bought some frames which i will put the screenprints in.

We got the children to gather together the drawings and rubbings we did and then we all went through the names of the media and processes we used in the residency. Each shild then wrote a list of the names of these on a sheet and we then decorated card for the covers of a book on the whole process.

This was our version of evaluation as it was too difficult to get the children to concentrate to give opinions. I will try at the show, Maybe record them.

Next week we will put the work on display for the rest of the school. We did think of inviting parents but it was too much to organise. All in all Ifelt it was a satisfactory residency, We got lots done and the theme of decorating fabric was sucessfull

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