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  • Butler Gallery Artist Resicency 2010, School of the Holy Spirit

    Created 2010-05-05 by Mairead Holohan

    Location: Sub-urban - Co. Kilkenny

    Duration: 2010-05-05 to 2010-06-14

Project Outline


This is a school for children with Autism so we have to have a quite a controlled environment, we do have a lot of help though so I see no problems in being creative and everyone being happy!

We had our planning meeting in the School of the Holy Spirit last week and started today 5th May.

It is so exciting they have this amazing sensory gardens so one thing we will do hopefully is make butterflies to live in it, probably in this honeycomb shaped tent that they have! Oh I cannot wait

The idea is that week one is an introductory session where we make something fun and in the process we all get to know each other and get an idea of what we can do. We are going to batik cotton bags from Aldi probably with a butterfly theme. I am getting a feeling of something to do with the garden.

After today I have a better idea of what will work. The children were great , some minor problems but nothing we cannot handle. They just threw themselves into the whole process. I gave them a choice of a chicken or buttlerfly and they did their own version of these.

There are two classes of 6 children in one and 7 in the other each , 2 teachers and 6 SNA`s, so it is busy but very productive. They drew their designs on paper, put that inside the bags and waxed it, then after break they painted the bags with dye. it was all very straightforward and simple as my aim was for an easy introduction to assess what can be done without any tears or issues. Everyon was very happy and next week we are going to do T/Shirts and they are going to have designs ready of their own choice. I am keen to link in in some way with their curriculum work and the strand this term is print  I will introduce some print element eg wood blocks.

Geraldine and Jean under stone arch                           



Geraldine and Jean                                                    Pipes and Woven piece.







Project Details

  • Location: Sub-urban
  • From date: 2010-05-05
  • To date: 2010-06-14
  • Length: Six two hour sessions.
  • Participants per session: 13
  • Participants in total: 13
  • Contact hours: 12
  • Age range of participants:
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    Butler Gallery Artist in School Residency
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