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Overview of the Clara

tuesday the children were divided into six groups, each group would get to do
(1)a collaborative drawing on the body and its internal organs; (2)a collaborative animation using any ideas they liked on an old fashioned overhead projector;
(3) a drawn animation which I was to take home and photograph.
The photography was difficult as I had omitted to get them to draw in pen and my camera had trouble seeing the pencils, so this could have turned out better!
when they were un-occupied Anne got them to draw portraits of each other and I gave them a quick demo on the basics of faces and their proportions, which they did really well!
For wednsday they were to do a silhouette of their heads by getting someone to shine a torch behind them and draw the outline. This was for the bags so they would be really personal.

Wednesday we did batik bags and tester fabrics to make books of the drawn work that the children did.
Thursday the children made books of any drawings they had done for the animation and the heads that they on their cotton.
I had to leave before they were finished but they were doing really well and getting into embellishing them.
This group of children were amazing, they engaged totally with each section of the project and were very self contained. When working collaboratively they just got on with it and heard no arguments. One or two from time to time got tired but this did not surprise me and it was not for long.

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