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  • Anna Rosenfelder
  • Anna Rosenfelder

    Editorship commenced: 2012-11-05

    Anna Rosenfelder is a performing artist and children´s arts practitioner, now based in Tuebingen in South Germany. She is founder and artistic director of Theater Papilio . Originally with a background in crafts and trained as a puppeteer, Anna´s arts practice embraces object theatre, storytelling, making, movement and play. Her ambition is to create meaningful links between the two strands of her practice - children´s theatre and arts  participation - and the two places of her artistic actions, Ireland and Germany.
    Based in Wicklow from 2007 to 2011, Anna facilitated, performed and presented across Ireland and developed continuous links with artists and organisations including Helium Arts in Health and Monkeyshine Theatre.
    Over the last few years, she pursued her particular interest in Early Years Arts through training, research and work supported by the Arts Council.  This process led to the creation of DOT in 2010, Papilio´s first show for toddlers, which recently presented as part of "Arts and culture from the beginning!" a national symposium on Early Years Arts in Dresden, Germany.
    On commencement of her editorship, Anna is working on a weeklong theatre and play project with 2 to 3 year olds and their teachers in a local childcare setting, and will begin her editorship by sharing her experiences and thoughts through blogging on practice.

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