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  • Niamh  Lawlor
  • Niamh Lawlor

    Editorship commenced: 2013-04-08

    Niamh Lawlor is Practice.ie Guest Editor for April-May 2013. in 2012, she was a Practice.ie Regular Contributor and has documented many projects online over the past 3 years.

    Niamh Lawlor is a founder and Artistic Director of Púca Puppets since 1997. With a bachelor of Design from the National College of Art and Design and a Masters in Theatre Direction from the University of Hull, she has extensive experience as a maker, performer, director and designer for Púca and other theatre companies (The Ark, Team, The Abbey, Upstate, etc). She works as a collaborative and participative artist in many contexts with work bridging the visual and theatre arts. She works through Irish and English and is a member of Dublin City Council’s Artist Panel and for many years was also a member of the Artist Panel of the Irish Museum of Modern Art. She was an artist on Helium’s Puppet Portal Project, is a visiting lecturer to Marino Institute and The National College of Art and Design, and is currently working with Transition Year students in Muckross Park College.



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