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  • Siobhán Clancy
  • Puppet Portal Project Hospital C

    Created 2009-04-22 by Siobhán Clancy

    Location: Urban - Co. Dublin

    Duration: 2009-04-22 to 2009-12-09

Project Outline

The Puppet Portal Project aims to address the effects of hospitalisation on children by promoting a sense of community and communication through a combined creativity and technological intervention across participating hospitals. A talented team of skilled artists will establish an active and creative hub within each hospital community, facilitating a performing arts exchange. Puppetry, storytelling and technology will be used to create interactive, contemporary puppetry performances via the hospital web portal, Ait Eile, the online community for children in hospital.


Project Details

  • Location: Urban
  • From date: 2009-04-22
  • To date: 2009-12-09
  • Length: 10 weeks until Summer holidays, 10 weeks after
  • Participants per session: approx 60
  • Participants in total: variable - approx 4
  • Contact hours: 100
  • Age range of participants:
    8-11, 12-14, 5-7
  • County(ies):
  • Related Organisation(s):
    Helium, Kids Own Partnership, Hospital C, Centre for Health Informatics, Trinity College Dublin, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland , SpriralOrchard - Independent Evaluator
  • Funding Bodies:
    HSE, Arts Council of Ireland
  • Related Artists:
    Siobhán Clancy
  • Other Related Artists:
    Helene Hugel, Emma Fisher, Emma Fisher, Anna Rosenfelder, Anna Rosenfelder, Anna Rosenfelder

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